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Assessment-Based Treatment for
Traumatized Children:

A Trauma Assessment Pathway (TAP)

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TAP Credits

This website was made possible through grant award No. 5-U79-SM054289-05 from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

We would like to acknowledge the many people who have helped us through the development of this model.  First and foremost, we would like to thank the children and their families who received services at the Chadwick Center for guiding and teaching us in our work with them. Secondly, we would like to thank the therapists who work so hard on a daily basis providing trauma-counseling services to the families in need. Our deepest thanks are extended to the following people who have given us their time and wisdom throughout the development of this product:

TAP Developers

The TAP Model was developed jointly by the following individuals at the Chadwick Center for Children and Families at Rady Childrenbs Hospital and Health Center, San Diego.  Their work developing this treatment model serves as the basis for this web-based training program. They also provided extensive help and consultation for the development of this website:

Nicole Taylor Kletzka, PhD
Alicia Gilbert, PhD
Barbara E. Ryan, LCSW
Gail Mann, LCSW

On-line Course Development
Lisa Conradi, PsyD
Jennifer Demaree, Design
  Nicole Taylor Kletzka, PhD
Christopher Perkins, Programming

Demonstration Video Development

We thank the following individuals for generously offering their time and expertise to develop, film, and edit the TAP demonstration videos:

Lorena Avitea, LCSW

Pilar Clark, LCSW

John Demaree, Video Production

Ro Dungan, LCSW

Jesus Herrera, PsyD

Robyn Igelman, PhD

We also thank the child actors who did an amazing job in the demonstration videos.


We would like to thank the following individuals who were instrumental in the creation of the Treatment Outcome Office at the Chadwick Center.   This work informed the creation of the TAP Model:

David Chadwick, MD
Ann Garland, PhD
John Landsverk, PhD
Alan Litronick, PhD
Cricket Mitchell, PhD
Other Contributors

The following individuals have played a key role in the creation and implementation of the TAP Model at the Chadwick Center:

Virginia Agcayab, MFT

Lorena Avitea, MFT

Chris Diani, LCSW

Jackie Dietz, LCSW

Susan Gordon, LCSW

Shayna Gothard, PhD

Robyn Igelman, PhD

Tom Jung

Iby Kantor, PhD

Al Killen-Harvey, LCSW

Cathy Love, LCSW

Jennifer Miller, PsyD

Rayna Rogers, MD

Cambria Rose, LCSW

Heidi Stern-Ellis, LCSW

Charles Wilson, MSSW


Thank you to all the professionals who gave their time and feedback during pilot testing.


Contents or points of view of this web site are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U. S. Department Health and Human Services. All people appearing in the video demonstrations on this site are actors or volunteers who gave their informed consent or assent to appear. No one in trauma treatment appeared in the video demonstrations

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