Overview of the Model


Create a Unique Client Picture



Monitoring Progress of Treatment

System Requirements


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Introduction: Topic Areas

TAPTraining will walk you through the topic areas listed below. These will also be displayed on the sidebar as you move through each individual section of the training.

Overview of the Model

  • Philosophy of Trauma Treatment

  • Pathway at a Glance

  • Definitions

  • Impact of Trauma

2. Assessment

  • Assessment-Based Treatment Program

  • Selecting Measures

  • Managing your Data

  • Comprehensive Assessment Process

  • Administering Standardized Measures

  • Assessment Pathway

3. Create a Unique Client Picture

  • Introduction

  • Assessment Domains

  • Making Sense of Standardized Assessment Measures

  • Making Sense of Reporter Differences

  • Clinical Hypotheses

  • Linking Goals to Interventions

4. Triage

  • Making Referrals

  • Researching Appropriate Treatment Models for Your Client

  • Evidence-Based Treatment Models

  • Triage Pathways

5. Treatment

  • TAP Treatment Criteria

  • Treatment Modalities

  • The Trauma Wheel

  • Using the Trauma Wheel via a Treatment Pathway

  • Selecting Intervention Order

6. Monitoring Progress in Treatment

  • Treatment Planning and Monitoring

  • Ongoing In-session Evaluation

  • Supervision

  • Periodic Re-administration of Standardized Measures



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